In Toyota’s newest commercial, the downtown area of a small city is turned into a massive baseball arena, where manholes are bases, the simple push of a button brings anyone into play, and pretty much anything goes. It’s a really fun watch, to say the least, and has already been viewed over six million times on YouTube.

Being a commercial, obviously most of what you see is fabricated by the film crew and enhanced with “movie magic”, but there is still a lot of raw talent to be seen, most notably from the actress in the final scene, whose killer swing has gotten her a lot of attention.

Filmed in the Kokura area of Kitakyushu City in southern Japan, this anything-goes style of baseball game has its players running down alleyways and shopping streets, jumping chain-link fences in dresses, and sliding on asphalt in business in business suits.

Towards the end, we see a face-off between a male pitcher and a female batter. Despite her somewhat restrictive businesswoman attire, the woman still manages a professional stance with her bat at the ready and a look that means business. While her suit gives her a rather mature look, the woman – or girl, really – is 19-year-old Ami Inamura, a Japanese “talento” who is still rather new to the scene.

New to baseball she is not, however, as is pretty obvious from her performance in the commercial. She played baseball for nine years from elementary school through junior high. For her three years in junior high, she played pitcher and first baseman in Japan’s senior league.

See for yourself.

Ami wrote recently on her Twitter account: “I’m so happy for all the followers I’ve gotten over the past couple of days (((o(*゜▽゜*)o)))  I wonder if a lot of you are baseball fans… Thank you so much!”

Thank you, Ami, for being awesome!

Source: Yahoo! Japan News
GIF/top image: YouTube – toyotajpchannel