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Quiz time! Is this video of actress Satomi Ishihara pouting and finger-dancing along to something called the puni-puni dance:

a) ridiculously catchy?
b) a telling example of what it means to be female and in a Japanese commercial?
c) the cutest thing to happen since those photos of the baby otters?

Ten points to Gryffindor if you guessed that the correct answer is in fact d) all of the above!

The video, a web-only ad from Japanese confectioner Meiji, sees Ishihara play an office worker lamenting that her job is boring, the guy she likes still hasn’t called her, and that other girl might be cuter than her.

Luckily, she can escape these daily trials by enjoying a three-minute break from work to enjoy a little plinky-plonky piano music and some fruit juice gummy candies.

The video has already been watched over two million times in one week (although, we reckon at least a hundred of those views come from the RocketNews24 office).

▼ Check out Ishihara’s puni-puni dance below, and enjoy the catchy little ditty that accompanies it. Opening lyrics: “Ohhh, I’m so sick of working!

▼ “Pooh, I’ll go on strike for three minutes!”

Screen Shot 2015-04-22 at 12.45.18All screenshots: YouTube/Meiji

▼ “Ohhh, will he call me today? Pooh, I wonder when I’ll see him again.”

Screen Shot 2015-04-22 at 12.46.37

After much soul-searching, Ishihara decides to be good to herself and have some fruit. We’re not totally sure that gummies, even the ones with juice in them, count as fruit, but we also don’t really care about anything any more except possibly painting our office bright yellow and learning the punipuni dance.


P.S. Not enough Satomi Ishihara for one day? Watch the practice video here:

Top image: YouTube/Meiji
GIF: RocketNews24 from YouTube/Meiji

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