What do you think of school uniforms? Most of us go through several sets of school uniforms throughout our schooling years. While some of us may have hated wearing them, some of the luckier folks may have had wonderful memories of their uniform-wearing years because, seriously, have you seen how cute some of these uniforms are?

However, in the eyes of some people, high school girls’ uniforms are seen as sexy outfits. There has even been discussion on some Japanese forums as some netizens claim that Korean high school girl uniforms are “more erotic” than the uniforms typically seen in Japan.

Do Korean high school girl uniforms really look “sexier” than Japanese ones? That would probably depend on what your benchmark for “sexy” is, and while we usually tend to throw in some opinion on the things we write about here on RocketNews24, we’re keeping a respectful distance on this one.

But just so you know what the people in the dark corners of the interwebs have been debating over, here are some of the images said netizens have been comparing.

Korean high school girl uniforms






Japanese high school girl uniforms






High school students spend many hours a day in their school uniforms, and while it probably isn’t the common thing to do, there are definitely students who choose to enter a school because their uniforms look cute. Having once been a student, I can understand the feeling of wanting to go to a school with nice uniforms, though if I were a parent, I probably wouldn’t feel comfortable with sending my daughter to a school with a reputation for having “erotic” school uniforms.

But between the Korean and Japanese school uniforms, my vote goes to the Japanese, because…



Source: bakufu via Zhaizhai News
Images: bakufu, man-daisuki, Twitter (@growhair)