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What’s not to live about Studio Ghibli films? Great stories, beautiful animation, unforgettable characters, and of course attention to detail that makes you feel like you’re really there.

But sometimes, even the most careful viewer can miss a few details here and there. The YouTube channel Movie Munchies recently released a video showing off a bunch of Easter eggs hidden inside Ghibli films. And what are the Easter eggs references to? Other Ghibli films, of course!

The video runs just two and a half minutes long with only seven Ghibli films explored, so hopefully that means there are lots more Easter eggs hidden out there for people to find and inform us about on the internet! Here’s it is for your viewing pleasure:

▼ First up is Kiki. All right, I’ve seen this one a million times, so probably nothing will be a surprise-


▼ What?! Really? “Ghibli” was right there on the bus?


▼ And Mei and Little Totoro were in the dollhouse too? How did I miss this??


▼ Next up is Porco Rosso. I’ve only seen this one once, so anything I missed can be forgiven.


▼ …unless it was literally in front of my nose. Oh…


Whisper of the Heart is not a super well-known Ghibli film, but as a fellow story writer it’s actually my favorite, so if I missed anything here I’m going to be real sad.


▼ And there we go. I didn’t know Totoro had a book form. Why didn’t you take that book out, from the library Shizuku?!


▼ A Porco Rosso brand clock, eh? The old man really did have everything in his antique shop.


▼ Then we have Spirited Away. There’s so much to look at in this film you’d probably need an Easter basket to hold all of its eggs.


▼ D’aww, Jiji, you’re so cute you look good on anything, even evil-baby pillows.


There are plenty more Easter eggs pointed out in the video, one of which at the end you can really only get the full effect from watching. It compares two scenes from My Neighbor Totoro and Spirited Away that are so similar the animators were probably chuckling to themselves as they made it.

Do you know of any hidden secrets in Ghibli films that they missed, or cool ones in other movies? Share your favorites in the comments so we can all enjoy some delicious, chocolatey Easter eggs together!

Source/images: YouTube (Movie Munchies)