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This weird old guy was spotted at the AsiaWorld Expo, an electronics expo held in Hong Kong recently, creepily undressing people with his eyes, as he stared lasciviously at passersby like some kind of RocketNews24 writer on a weekend bender.

Just as people were about to call the police, we presume, it was revealed that the creepy old guy, whose first name is, inexplicably, Ham, is actually just a robot that happens to look like a filthy old lecher…which kind of is maybe almost creepier.

In reality, Ham is just a head attached to a transparent fiberglass-ish body, so it was probably pretty obvious that the creepy old guy was actually a robot all along, or maybe just a very convincing cosplayer.

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Ham was designed by robotics designer David Hanson, who is also responsible for this hilarious robo-Einstein that we think we might have seen on Futurama sometime. Hanson has been in the robotics game since the early 2000s, and worked at Walt Disney Imagineering, which explains how he’s able to put together the kind of lifelike robot heads that will have you checking over your shoulder in dark alleys for months to come.

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Supposedly, Ham’s skin is made from a revolutionary substance called Frubber and even sports realistic skin pores, making his myriad facial expressions all the more realistic. According to Hanson, Ham also has sensors that allow him to actually make eye contact with people and even engage in banter.

While we don’t have any video of Ham, the robot has a “brother” named Jules, who you can see here and who we assure you is not just some intern who’s really good at The Robot:

 Source: Coconuts Hong Kong
Photos captured via YouTube