Last year, we reported on the berating talents of model and TV personality Risa Yoshiki in her series I Want Risa Yoshiki to be Angry at Me on TV Tokyo. In the series of short videos, Yoshiki unleashes a non-stop tirade of insults and complaints at you the viewer.

Now she’s back and with many graduates just entering the workforce this season, she has a new series titled For New Employees: I Want Risa Yoshiki to be Angry at Me. In it she brings many tidings such as “YOU WORTHLESS BASTARD, YOU SUCK AS A MEMBER OF SOCIETY.”

■ Insults of highly effective people

This series aired on TV Tokyo from 22 to 24 April sometime after midnight. It’s not really explained in detail, but from the title I guess the series is intended to have new workers get scared straight in the comfort of their own home by a pretty woman, rather than a sweaty old man with coffee-breath in an office full of onlookers.

I’m not sure if it’s effective at that goal…and probably neither are the other viewers nor producers of I Want Risa Yoshiki to be Angry at Me. Anyway, here’s a taste.

Even if you don’t speak Japanese, you can probably get the sense of it. Some of Risa Yoshiki’s barbs include:

“Shut up and get your s**t straight!”

“Don’t lie to me, you bag of fresh garbage!”

“Enjoy all this reasonably priced and plain tasting food in silence, douche!”

“I’ll lay this Setouchi lemon sauce out all over your face!”

The three episodes each cover a situation where someone fresh out of college and entering the corporate world might mess up. In the first episode Yoshiki chews out a boyfriend who made the mistake of going on a beach holiday in a business suit. She then lays into a new employee who gets caught trying to manipulate his way up the corporate ladder.

In the third and final installment Risa lets a newly employed boyfriend have it when he tries to take her to a cheap chain restaurant and pass it off as his “special place”.

Like in past seasons of I Want Risa Yoshiki to be Angry at Me, after her five-minute tirades something usually happens to change her mind and she leaves you with a happy message like “I love you”. It’s kind of like when a comic spends five minutes making fun of your outfit and then at the end tells you, “Naw I’m kidding, you’re alright!”

■ How to watch

If you’re one of the people who regrets missing out on these shows when they first aired, then I can probably starting talking to you like this:

Hey, jackass! You can still watch I Want Risa Yoshiki to be Angry at Me if you can get that sea cucumber of a brain to function enough to operate a computer. Then, if you really focus and put that grade three education to work, you might just be able to order the special edition DVD online.

Oh wait…I forgot you’re too dim to understand how money works, aren’t you? Alright, you can watch some episodes online too.

First, wipe that stupid look off your face with that greasy chicken wing you’re holding and type T-V-T-o-y-k-o somewhere on your computer screen. Those are all letters you should have a grasp of. I’d mention the space in between, but I’m worried you’d get a stroke.

Or you could just wait for the next season to come out. It’s not like you actually ever have anything to do, you worthless piece of…wait, what’s this? A note? It says “happy birthday”. Oh, you remembered…

Awww, I love you!

I Want Risa Yoshiki to be Angry at Me special edition DVD is available on Rakuten (Japanese)

Source: TV Tokyo via Aol News (Japanese)
Videos/GIF image: YouTube – TVTOKYO 1, 2

▼ And for those who enjoy a little history with their masochism there’s also an Edo period version