A picture is worth a thousand words. That’s perhaps why instead of writing letters or spending hours chatting on the phone, people are gravitating towards “keeping in touch” through sharing photos on social networking platforms such as Twitter, Facebook, Snapchat and Instagram. With these services, you’re not just keeping in touch with your friends and family, you’re keeping in touch with the latest photo trends.

If you’re one of those photo trend followers, then you have to master the art of posing like an obasan (which literally means “aunt” in Japanese but also refers to middle-aged women in general), otherwise known as the obashot (short for obasan shot), because that’s what’s trending among Japanese Twitter users now. And also because it’s funny.

With the use of hashtags, many photo trends spread like wildfire across the Internet, then fade into the abyss of cyberspace just as quickly as they came. However the obashot, a photo taken in a pose mimicking some of the common poses done by obasans in Japan, took its own sweet time climbing the trending list on Twitter because the man who started it, 40-year-old Japanese comedian Hiroiki Ariyoshi (@ariyoshihiroiki), isn’t hip enough to use hashtags.

So how exactly do you pose like a Japanese obasan? According to a survey by goo Ranking, these are the Top 10 poses the middle-aged women of Japan are usually caught posing in, and as expected of the true obashot master, Ariyoshi has posed (or made someone pose) in almost all the poses!

9th (tied) – Placing your hand on a friend’s shoulder

9th (tied) – Placing a hand on your cheek trying to look bashful

8th – Posing with a cat in your lap
Unfortunately, the obashot master missed this one. About time that man got himself a cat, geez.

7th – Crossing your hands at a low position in front of you

5th (tied) – Doing a “peace” sign but far away from your face
Many Japanese girls do the peace sign right next to their faces because it hides the side of their face, creating the illusion of a smaller/slimmer face. It seems like the obasans have yet to realize that, and Ariyoshi has yet to realize that the obasans have yet to realize that. So complex, we know.

5th (tied) – Acting all prim and classy with a subtle smile

4th – Posing with a statue

3rd – Posing with a stalk of flower in hand
We couldn’t find a picture of Ariyoshi posing with one flower, but we found him with his “obasan” friends posing with a truckload of flowers. The more the merrier!

2nd – Sit slanted

1st – Bringing your shoulder bag to the front of your body and posing with both your hands on it
Not quite exactly it, but this amateur “obasan” has it close enough.

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Ariyoshi, who presently has among the most followers on Twitter in Japan, coined the term obashot and started making these obashot posts a couple of years back. However, his obashot posts were made sparsely, perhaps only when he felt inspired to do one, which is perhaps another reason why the obashot trend didn’t catch on until recent months.

Have your grasped the crux of creating a convincing obashot? Or perhaps you’ve been subconsciously posing like a Japanese obasan all along? If you have, well, you’re trendy now!

Source: Zhaizhai News
Reference: goo Ranking
Images: Twitter (@ariyoshihiroiki)