A series of tweets by a Japanese artist depicting the various female uniforms of different high schools in Aichi Prefecture has taken the internet by storm. Her charming illustrations are positively bursting with love for both her craft and prefecture, and now we all have a handy guide to recognize the school of any uniform-wearing female high school student in Aichi!

Japanese Twitter user @petit_flare (also known as Satoimoya) has captured the hearts of Internet users the world over with her lovely illustrations of actual female high school uniforms found throughout Aichi Prefecture. Her first collection of full-color drawings on her personal site includes uniforms from 13 high schools found within Aichi Prefecture’s capital of Nagoya, while the second collection details uniforms from schools in other parts of the prefecture (the Owari and Mikawa areas).

Take a look at her soft, detailed, and moe-filled drawings below!

▼ “Uniforms representing three of Nagoya’s traditionally prestigious high schools: Shukutoku, Sugiyama, and Kinjo. Each one is different, and each one is wonderful in its own way.”

▼ “I’m making a compilation of all of the uniforms within Nagoya. First up are schools in the western and northern wards of the city: Seiryo, Nagoya Nishi, Keimei Gakkan, Yamada, Kita, and Aichi Kogyo.”

▼ “Next up are seven schools in the Nakamura and Nakagawa wards: Doho, Nakamura, Shoin, Meijo University Senior High, Tomida, Nagoya Kogyo, and Nakagawa Shogyo.”

▼ “I received more information so I’m making a supplement. The Nagoya Kogyo uniform has two diagonal, ‘sailor blue’-colored stripes on the back collar which are very cute. Since there are only about 30-40 female students in the entire school, and the school is far from the center of Nagoya, I don’t get to see this uniform very often.”

Here’s a post advertising one of her completed collections of artwork:

▼ “I’ve completed my introductory dojinshi for the 13 high school uniforms within Nagoya! I plan to distribute it at the ‘Comic Live in Nagoya’ event on December 14, 2014. People who can’t come can order it here. I’m looking forward to seeing you all!”

According to some of her other tweets, Satoimoya doesn’t take direct requests to transform real school uniforms into illustrated form, but she does take notice when people leave her messages such as “___ school’s uniform is cute!” with a photo attached. Hmm…

Interested fans can support the talented Satoimoya by purchasing her artbooks here for a mere 300 yen (US$2.52) each. That’s a small price to pay for hours of entertainment gazing at adorable moe illustrations and brushing up on your knowledge of Aichi high schools, wouldn’t you say?

Source: Togech
Images: Twitter (@petit_flare), Pixiv (Satoimoya)