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The popularity of cosplay has exploded over the past decade, with more and more people showing off their costuming skills at fan events and on the Internet. But even with so many opportunities to dress up as your favorite fictional character, you still have to spend a lot of cash to put together a cosplay outfit, right?

Not at all, as shown by these clever and funny ideas cosplay outfits that’ll cost you hardly any money, but probably a lot of your pride should you actually try wearing them in public.

Although the word cosplay originated in Japan, you can find cosplayers all over the globe. Today’s ideas come from Thai cosplay group Lowcostcosplay, which states its motto as “Everything is cosplay.” And when they say everything, they’re not kidding. For example, got a couple of waffles in your kitchen? You’re already one-fourth of the way done with your costume for Anna from Disney’s Frozen.

One of the group’s favorite tactics is employing perspective tricks and the surrounding environment when taking photos. Ordinarily, you’d have to train for years to learn how to harness your ki in the form of a ball of energy like Dragon Ball’s Son Goku. If you don’t have the time, though, you can just stand outside on a sunny day.

But hey, what about when the fighting franchise’s martial artists go all Super Saiyan with their spiky blond hair?

Carrots, it turns out, are a surprisingly potent part of a cosplay arsenal.

▼ This costume is also handy for people who own two woks but zero tricorne hats.

Really, if you’re inventive enough in playing with your food, your kitchen may as well be your photo studio.

Going from one room of the home to another, that “rose” “Belle” is holding isn’t the only prop hiding in your bathroom.

▼ Sure, it’s probably not the most protective material to make armor out of, but anything that’s soft on your bottom is probably more comfortable on your shoulders than cold, hard metal.

You might also be able to find the finishing touches for your costume in the bedroom.

▼ Wait, Kenshiro got those seven scars when rival Shin stuck his fingers into the Fist of the North Star hero’s chest, right?

Sort of like the double-wok Davey Jones we saw earlier, here’s an idea if you’ve been a little overly exuberant in buying computer peripherals and happen to have a spare mouse lying around.

Tongue-in-cheek humor aside, a few of Lowcostcosplay’s ideas are genuinely clever, like this scene of Dragon Ball antagonist (and respected manager) Frieza getting cut in half.

▼ Remember, when you want to make your hand appear bigger than it really is, just use a cat.

Still, a couple of the group’s creations are surprisingly labor-intensive. Wouldn’t it have been simpler to just grab some magic markers and draw Cap’s insignia on a paper plate or something?

Even if it’s not a money pit, you don’t want your budget-priced cosplay project to become such a drain on your free time that it stops being fun. If you feel like it’s in danger of crossing that line, maybe it’s a good time to remember that all of those comic, anime, and video game characters exist in 2-D on the page or screen, so there’s no point in breaking your back trying to drag them into three dimensions.

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