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It seems to be a pretty well-known fact nowadays, but in case, you haven’t heard: slurping while eating is totally cool in Japan. One of the most commonly slurped foods is the delicious noodle dish ramen. Lately ramen has started taking off globally too, with restaurants popping up all over the place. So before things get too crazy, one ramen shop owner wants to teach you how to eat a bowl of ramen.

The video comes from The Dallas Morning News, as they also showcased Ten, a new ramen restaurant in the area owned by chef Teiichi Sakurai.

▼ Heads up: You’ll probably want ramen after watching this.

Along with the art of slurping, Sakurai gives a short introduction into the different ingredients in the soup and other tips and techniques for eating the rich goodness. His most important tip? Eat fast. It’s not a race, but Sakurai suggests finishing in about five minutes, because the noodles expand in the soup over time. This is where the slurping comes in.

Slurping’s not just a noisy way of eating, it’s a trick to simultaneously cool the noodles, while also getting them into your mouth as fast as possible, without splattering all over yourself. Sakurai compares the technique to sucking in air while taking a sip of wine.

▼ Also remember, if you really like it, feel free to drink the soup straight from the bowl!

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Whether you are a seasoned ramen-eating veteran, or your experience is based completely on Cup Noodle, you’ll definitely learn some interesting nuggets of information out of this helpful video. If you’re in the Dallas area, don’t forget to check out Ten, it’s apparently the place to be these days.

Source: Guide Live for Dallas News, YouTube (The Dallas Morning News)
Video/Images: YouTube (The Dallas Morning News)