If you like to keep up with the latest pet antics online, you may have caught sight of this cheeky little pup recently. Aptly titled “An angry dog standing upright”, Reddit users have been having a field day with this image, photoshopping the disgruntled mutt into movie scenes and everyday situations with hilarious results.

Once the photo made it to Japan, however, Japanese netizens were shocked for another reason altogether. The dark eyes, fluffy beard and wily body of angry dog actually makes him a perfect doppelgänger for Master Roshi from the Dragon Ball animated TV series. Can you see the likeness?

Fans of the Dragon Ball franchise will be familiar with Master Roshi, also known as Kame Sennin, or the Turtle Hermit. With a wily physique and a distinctive stance that serves to accentuate a pair of knobbly, old knees, Master Roshi may appear harmless and frail, but he’s still a martial arts professional not to be messed with. And if you’re a lady, you’d be wise to run for the hills because the old man’s a pervert who loves nothing more than to have his face mashed between a pair of heaving boobs.

Standing dog

Which is what makes this photo of Master Roshi’s doppelgänger equal parts awesome and disturbing. Let’s hope this mutt keeps his hands to himself or he’ll find himself on the receiving end of a violent kamehameha!

Source and image: imgur
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