As far as anime bad guys go, Dragon Ball‘s Frieza has actually got quite a loyal following. People are willing to wait in line for hours to meet their hero, and he’s also the star of stacks of fan art, too.

But if you thought that Frieza just wakes up every day ready to wreak havoc on Goku’s day, you’d be wrong. It actually takes a great deal of preparation, as shown in some rather sweet Frieza fanart that’s been delighting Dragon Ball Z fans all over Twitter.

The four-panel pic drawn by Twitter user @dragongarowLEE shows Frieza getting ready for action. The first panel shows him building endurance with a run, then working out his arms by punching the stuffing out of a punchbag. He pauses just long enough to slurp down a couple of pints of raw eggs before hitting the boxing ring!

The talented artist regularly uploads pictures of his Dragon Ball Z fan art to his Twitter page – we particularly like this one of the characters chowing down on some conveyor-belt sushi!

Here’s Frieza lending his tail for use as a comfy pillow:

And, erm, here’s Goku enjoying a bath with actor Hiroshi Abe:

We guess the best thing about drawing fan art is that there’s no limit to the kinds of situations that can be thought up!

Source: Netgeek
Images: Twitter @dragongarowLEE