Cat yoga3

Thanks to the Internet, we’ve seen pets on treadmills, animals interfering with their owners’ workout routines, and curious pups and kittens joining adult yoga sessions with adorable poses of their own. In amongst all the action, though, there’s been one thing missing: this cat doing stomach crunches.

Twitter user @michiru522 took this photo when she stumbled on her cat lying silently in this position in her lounge room one morning. It seems the early sunrises and recent warmer weather has kitty working out in the lead-up to bikini season.

Now we know cats have the ability to train unprompted and of their own accord, who knows what they’ll do? Hopefully this is just an isolated incident and not part of a larger pack of ripped super-kitties looking to push us off the couch with a single paw!

Source: 話題の画像がわかるサイト
Image: @michiru522