When we’re on vacation and staying in a hotel, it’s easy to get lazy and stop cleaning up after ourselves like we normally would in our own homes. We leave the beds unmade, towels and clothes on the floor, empty drink bottles on the bedside table… After all, housekeeping will come and clean everything up for us anyway, right?

But some guests who stayed at a hotel in Taiwan left the room in such a state of disarray that it made local news after photos of the catastrophe were posted of Facebook – poo-stained sheets and all.

After guests at a hotel in the Hualian Prefecture of Taiwan left their room in such a horrific state, angered housekeeping staff posted photos of the scene on Facebook.

The guests, reportedly from mainland China, left crumpled up toilet paper on the tables, cushions tossed about on the floor, hangers hung from the air conditioning vents, and suspicious brown stains on the sheets…

Take a look at the disaster for yourself:

The staff who posted the photos to Facebook stated, “One of the guests relieved themselves in the bed. The stain seeped into the mattress, and we couldn’t get rid of the smell.” Another female staff member added, “They had such bad manners. It was so bad, it looked like an explosion had happened in the room. There were sunflower seed hulls thrown around, and traces of phlegm everywhere.” Having formerly been a service-industry slave myself, my heart weeps for the poor housekeeping staff.

Yes, the cleaning staff does get paid for cleaning up our hotel rooms for us, but let’s take this as a reminder to be more thoughtful guests on our next trip, and not make their job any more disgusting than it has to be!

Source: Yahoo! Japan News via Toychan Net
Featured image: YouTube