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To say that the Avengers movie was a hit might be one of the biggest understatements you can make about the 2012 film, and with the sequel opening soon, you can imagine that even folks in Japan are excited. Who can blame them, after all? Who doesn’t love seeing Iron Man and Thor eating shwarma?

Nevertheless, it seems that not everyone in Japan is happy with the Japanese poster for Avengers: Age of Ultron…especially when compared with posters from other countries.

When the new Avengers movie opens in July in Japan (yes, sadly, July), comic and action movie fans are sure to flock to the theater to see the team punch, kick, and Hulk-smash the villain into nothing more than broken transistors. But apparently the Japanese marketing department doesn’t know how to reach fans–at least that seems to be the general opinion online about the poster that’s been prepared for the film.

Like BirdmanAvengers: Age of Ultron has a number of really cool posters outside Japan.

▼And here are three of them!

AAoU (2)

AAoU (3)

AAoU (4)

Not bad, right? Even if you’re not a big comic book movie fan, those images are sure to at least grab your attention! Though they could do with a bit more color, we suppose, as they’re a fair bit bleaker than we might expect from the Avengers. Maybe they’re just taking cues from the new Daredevil show?

The Japanese poster, on the other hand, doesn’t have that problem at all! It’s still got a gritty edge to it, but there’s plenty of color! Unfortunately, it’s left a number of Japanese commenters sighing, saying it has no “sense” or “style.”

AAoU (1)

For example, one commenter wondered “Why is the Hulk all the way in the back, like some magical mascot fairy?” Others likened it to the Birdman posters, while one pointed out that it looks like a Kamen Rider poster.

▼ Well, they’re both definitely colorful…

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One commenter pointed out that the movie will also be two months late debuting in Japan, writing, “…there’s a lot to bemoan here.” Another person wrote, “This poster is such a mess!” It’s such a mess that another commenter added that, “If you had no knowledge of the film, you’d think that the woman at bottom was Iron Man.

Commenters also pointed out the text on the poster, saying it didn’t really make sense in Japanese. It roughly translates to “Know love — Sacrifice for all of humanity,” and then at the bottom, “The one who will destroy the world…is Iron Man.” We kind of get where they were going with the poster, but like the commenters noted, it feels weird in any language. And why are they emphasizing love here?! Isn’t this a movie about people punching robots?

Actually, we take that back, that does sound like love, doesn’t it?

But not everyone was hating. One commenter wrote that it was “super cool” and other defended it saying, “While it has no sense, it does make quite the impact and stands out. As a poster, I think it’s okay.

Finally, one commenter posted this image…


Yes, that’s a porn parody titled Ahn Iyan Man, with “an” and “iyan” allegedly being the screams that Japanese porn actresses make while…busy at work. And the copy text reads: “With a will and crotch stronger than iron, he will protect the world,” prompting another commenter to quip, “The people who come up with titles for foreign porn parodies definitely have excellent sense!

Well, regardless of the poster, we’re sure plenty of people will be lining up to see the film in Japan. And if you happen to be outside of Japan, no spoilers, okay?!

Source/images: Golden Times