Is it just me or does everyone seem to be going to great pains to propose these days? It’s almost as if nine out of ten proposals I see on my Facebook feed are done either while on an overseas vacation, or completed with the help of a dozens of people and involving some kind of coordinated event.

For the record, I’m not against huge marriage proposals. If it makes the couple happy then it’s the best way it should be done, but on a totally personal level, I think a proposal is an extremely private affair that should be kept between the couple. However, I am a sucker for creative ideas, and sometimes, some really creative proposals do make me wish that I was proposed to in such a memorable manner. Like this three-storey-tall Post-it proposal that was made possible with 250 Post-it “elves”!

The Unforgettable Post-it Proposal, or so the Post-it people behind the project have called it, took place in South Korea on March 14, which happens to be White Day. Similarly to Japanese Valentine’s Day conventions, in South Korea, women present chocolate to men on February 14. The men would then have to reciprocate with candy, or if they were confessed to on Valentine’s Day, give an “answer” to the love confession on White Day.

In this special Post-it proposal, the man takes his girlfriend, Soojung, out on a date on White Day, and they arrive at a cafe. They take a seat by the full-height window, and the man promptly excuses himself.


Barely a moment later, he calls Soojung on her mobile, and directs her attention towards the building next to the cafe. That’s when the Post-it elves jump into action! All 250 of them with their piles of Post-it sticky notes!


▼ The super efficient Post-it “elves”… or should we call them cupids?



We’ll leave you to witness the rest. English subtitles are available – just toggle the settings on the bottom-right corner of the player to make them show up if they aren’t already there.

As mentioned earlier, I personally am not a fan of proposals that involve third-parties, but this sure is a beautiful way to use Post-it notes, regardless of whether it’s genuine or just a good ad for stationery! I just hope that they recovered the used sticky notes and put them to good use.

Would you have said “Yes!” if you were in Soojung’s shoes? Or would you have just been left wondering why he decided to say it with Post-its?

Source/Images: YouTube

▼ “Soojung, will you marry me?”