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Up until now, you could say that Black Butler has followed the standard trajectory for a major hit in the anime world. It began as a manga about a suave and sophisticated demon entering into a pact to serve his master in return for the chance to eat his soul once his work is done. Next came an animated TV series, video game, stage musical, and live-action film. Really, pretty standard stuff for a mixed media franchise in today’s integrated otaku entertainment industry.

However, Black Butler is about to branch off into something very few anime, but almost all butlers, are involved with: keeping your home clean, as you can now order an official Black Butler cleaning robot that’ll vacuum your floors and even engage in flirtatious banter when you call out to it.

The high-tech piece of anime merchandise comes from a team-up between Aniplex and electronics manufacturer Sharp. Staring with Sharp’s Cocorobo RX-V200 model cleaning robot, a number of additions were made to create the Premium Cocorobo (Black Butler Version).


Surpassingly, the unit is not black, although it does come decorated with an illustration of Sebastian Michaelis, the Black Butler himself. Turn the Cocorobo loose on your floors, and it’ll handle the cleaning duties, leaving you free to relax and catch up on all the anime you’ve been meaning to watch.


Of course, a proper butler should be as competent in handling social situations as cleaning ones. The Black Butler cleaning robot comes preloaded with dozens of lines of dialogue from Sebastian’s voice actor, Daisuke Ono.

Displaying impeccable manners, the mecha Sebastian generally remains quiet and unobtrusive until spoken to. If you’d like it to get to work, simply command it “Kirei ni shite” (“Clean this place up”), and your disc-shaped servant will respond with a silky smooth “Yes, my lord” as it sees to its task.

Other promised exchanges (translated here into English) include:

“You’re good at cleaning.”
“What kind of butler would I be to the house of Phantomhive if I couldn’t even do this?”

“Let’s play.”
“Well now, whatever shall I do with such a spoiled boy as you?”

“How do these clothes look on me?”
“As the head of the Phantomhive household, dignified, traditional styles would suit you more than recent fads.”

“I’m going to bed.”
“Good night, and sweet dreams.”

“Stay by me.”
“Yes, my lord. If you so desire, I shall accompany you anywhere.”

“I love you.”
“I am afraid I am unworthy of such words.”

“Let’s kiss.”
“You truly are a naughty child.”

The Cocorobo can also be linked to a number of other services, such as weather reports and schedule calendars, and can also be used as an alarm clock. Once again, issuing related commands will produce a response in Sebastian’s voice, as he warns you to take an umbrella, avoid harsh UV rays, or inquires as to whether or not you’d like some early morning tea upon waking up.

▼ Sadly, lacking hands, the robot is incapable of actually making and serving said tea, however.

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Preorders are being accepted between now and May 31 through the Aniplex+ online store here, and delivery is scheduled for late June. The retailer cautions that quantities are limited, and should they all be sold before the preorder cutoff date, there are currently no plans to produce a second run. Good household help doesn’t come cheap, though, and the Black Butler Cocorobo’s price of 162,000 yen (US$1,360) will probably leave some fans with no option but to sell their soul to scrape together the cash.

Source: Comic Natalie via Jin
Top image: YouTube
Insert images: Aniplex+