Ami Takeuchi is a beauty queen with pageant awards under her belt, legions of fans and a new idol DVD out, and boy, is it sexy. She also happens to be a “new half”, which in Japan refers to a trans female. Her catchphrase, in fact, is “the new half that’s just too cute!”

Warning: Things are about to get a little bit NSFW (unless you work at RocketNews24, in which case, congratulations! Pretty much nothing is NSFW!)

Takeuchi announced the DVD launch on Thursday with this post to Facebook, which leaves little to the imagination.

▼ There’s going to be a “story” involved, though, if that pink logo at the bottom is anything to go by!

‘Deep Love’ will be the star’s first image DVD (nope, I’ve never heard of an “image DVD” either, but use your imagination).

Let’s take a moment to judge this DVD by its cover.

▼ Front…


▼ …and back.

Screen Shot 2015-04-27 at 21.31.49

See? Don’t say we’re not good to you, Rocketeers!

Source: Girls News, Ami Takeuchi Facebook
Images: via GEO