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China has a history of people jumping off buildings for crazy reasons, with crazy results, and with absolutely insane intentions.

But the latest jump attempt in China might just take the cake. A female Chinese college student climbed to the top of a 13-story building and threatened to jump, but she was quickly “saved” by a group of fast-acting men ready to do their best to catch her if she fell.

And their safety net of choice: not a trampoline, not a mattress, but sheets. Lots and lots of sheets.

On April 23, a freshman college girl at the Bei Fan University of Nationalities in Yinchuan (a city in northwest China) climbed to the top of a 13-story building on campus and threatened to jump. She was apparently having relationship troubles with her boyfriend and, tragically, aimed to put a stop to it by taking her own life.

▼ Sitting at the edge of  tall building can really put all your other problems into perspective.

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But luckily she was spotted by a group of boys riding bikes nearby, and they quickly assembled 20 sheets among themselves, holding them wide open in an attempt to catch the girl if she fell. Of course if she did actually fall, she most likely would have just fallen through the sheets and into the ground, or even killed one of the boys in the process, but it was a symbolic gesture that stopped her from jumping.

▼ And people say biker gangs never do anything worthwhile.

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▼ “Don’t worry! We’ll catch you!”

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▼ Up close it looked like a lot of sheets, but from the girl’s perspective it was a very small area.

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After an hour of holding out the sheets, the Yinchuan Fire Department showed up, bringing with them a ladder and a cushion that might do a little bit more to help if she fell than the sheets. In the end though, it finally took a teacher climbing up to the top of the building and dragging the girl away to take her to a safe spot.

As expected, Japanese netizens had lots to say about this:

“I think I’ve seen this minigame before.”
“What would happen if she fell between the sheets?”
(In response) Just about as much as if she fell on a sheet.”
“At least they didn’t color-code them into a bullseye pattern or anything.”
“I thought they might be big, thick sheets at first, but nope, they’re barely big enough to hold one person!”
“They’ve been watching too much Jackie Chan.”

Even though the well-meaning boys and their sheets would have most likely had no effect if the girl had actually jumped, just them being there and caring about her probably made her reconsider what she was doing and bought enough time for her to leave safely. Good going, sheet-boys! Now if you could return those sheets to everyone who was airing out their laundry, it would be much appreciated.

Source: Itai News via NEWS AS
Images: NEWS AS