The Internet is full of gorgeous illustrations by talented artists, so when someone stands out, they tend to be really talented. And Kerby Rosanes, an artist from the Philippines, certainly fits the definition of talented.

At only 23, he’s already quit his full-time job to work on his own art. And when you see it, you’ll understand why! Even better, everyone around the world can get in on the action with his coloring books. Even if you think you’re too old to play with markers, this book is definitely something you should check out!


Though Doodle Invasion: Zifflin’s Coloring Book, which features the stellar art of Kerby Rosanes, was originally released in 2013, it’s still getting plenty of attention online. And the illustrator himself is doing pretty well, keeping busy with the kind of illustrations we find difficult to believe were drawn with human hands!

First, here are a few of our favorite illustrations by the incredibly talented Kerby.

▼ So adorable! So mighty!

[tweet align=center]

▼ It’s somehow more terrifying on paper than in the trailer!

▼ Any Totoro fans out there?

▼ Oh, did we mention that Kerby also “doodles” on eggs?!

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Happy #Easter! 😊

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▼ Ghibli, if you’re looking for a new design artist, look no more!

▼ There’s just something about this that makes us want to cry.

▼ We’re not experts, but this has to be at least twice as hard as drawing on paper…

▼ Normally we wouldn’t condone drawing on comic books, but we’ll make an exception in this case (here’s the original).

▼ Kerby also creates astounding original illustrations!

▼ Flying cephalopods? Adorably horrifying!

▼ To quote Neo, “Whoa.”

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If you agree that Kerby is an amazing illustrator, you may want to get some of his work for yourself. Luckily you can do just that with the 2013 coloring book Doodle Invasion. That’s right, a coloring book! Even if you think you’re too old for it, have no worries, since this book was clearly designed with adults in mind. Now you’ll just have to set a doctor’s appointment so you’ll have a waiting room to do your coloring in.

Kerby is also currently working on a follow-up coloring book, which will be titled ANIMORPHIA. It looks like it will be released this year in October, but you should sign up for an email notification just so you don’t forget!

If the Amazon reviews for the old book are any indication, ANIMORPHIA will be something special.

▼ Five stars and “Amazing,” huh? That might be better than a three wolf moon shirt.

kerbyAmazon (Doodle Invasion)

If you’re interested in Doodle Invasion, but you’re still on the fence, here’s a video of Kerby flipping through the book so you can get an idea of the illustrations available for coloring. You can find merchandise featuring Kerby’s illustrations on his personal store.

Now, we are all ready to get coloring! Hopefully no one has sniffed all our markers until they were dry…

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Images: Instagram (Kerby Rosanes)