Who doesn’t love lifehacks? These simple outside-the-box tips have the potential of making your life exponentially better. Need a new wallet? Use a Starbucks bag. Have sink slime? We’ve got you covered.

One Japanese Twitter user has recently gained a lot of attention from some cute drawings she posted informing her followers of a few cool and creative tricks for beauty and health.

Twitter user nakashima723 made it big last week when her post about blow-drying hair spread around the Internet like wildfire, collecting over 40,000 favorites and re-tweets combined.

▼ It’s hard to imagine this little drawing could cause so much fuss, but wait until you read it!

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The post is about a better way to dry your hair with a hair dryer that gets the job done in half of the time! First, put a dry towel over your head. Then, use the hair dryer to dry your hair through the towel. What?

If you think that this sounds counter productive, you’re not alone. Apparently, however, by heating the towel with the dryer, you are also increasing the towel’s ability to soak up moisture, meaning that not only will the hot air be drying your hair, but the towel will also be absorbing moisture, so really, it’s now two against one.

But there’s more! Since you aren’t blowing the hot air directly onto your hair, you save it from being unnecessarily damaged. Chalk up another point for this trick!

Although she made the cute illustration and posted it on the Internet, Nakashima723 didn’t develop this handy trick. She heard about it first on the variety show Ito Family, which did a piece on it back in 2004.

Nakashima723 is no one-trick pony, either. A few days after her explosive hair-drying post, she followed up with more cute drawings depicting some exercise hacks.

▼ “Become more flexible with no pain, in just ten seconds”

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Want to become more flexible, but not into spending hours on the floor stretching? Now you can gain that extra elasticity in just a few seconds.

Step 1: Sit on the floor with your legs spread apart, but not so far that it hurts.

Step 2: Place your hands firmly on your legs. Simultaneously push your legs back together, but oppose the force with your hands, so that your legs don’t actually move. You should be exerting a significant amount of force. Sustain this for six seconds.

Step 3: Relax both your arms and your legs. See and feel the difference, as you should now be able to open your legs a little bit wider than before. Repeat this up to three times a day.

You can also do this in different postures to limber up different parts of your body, as shown in the bottom two drawings.

▼ “Make your sit-ups more efficient.” (Is that supposed to be Mr. T?)

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If you’re really over the boring routine of partner sit-ups (or are pretty out of touch with modern theories of proper ab workouts), this lifehack is definitely for you. Nakashima723 cites the problems with partner sit-ups as: Needing a partner, lower back vulnerability, and the fact that you often end up using more leg muscles than abs.

Her quick fix? Find a wall. By raising and resting your legs up a wall, you eliminate the need for a partner, reduce the chance of lower back strain and the position doesn’t allow you to substitute leg power for stomach power, making every sit-up more efficient.

She also notes that you only need to raise your head and chest about ten degrees. If you want to work your oblique abs (the side ones), all you have to do is twist to either side as you rise.

If you like these health and beauty hacks, follow @nakashima723 for more. As long as she keeps up the detailed illustrations, you may not even need to be able to read Japanese! Also, let us know in the comment section below if you have tried, will try, swear by or don’t believe in any of these tips and tricks.

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Top image: Twitter (@nakashima723)