Although Akihabara tends to get credit for a lot of the zaniness in Tokyo, Shinjuku has its own brand of odd that shouldn’t be ignored. After all, it’s where RocketNews24 laid its roots.

Case in point: this tweet of a young woman lying on a filthy street taking a low angle photo in a gap between a karaoke joint and sticker-encrusted vending machine.

Alright! Place your bets on what she could possibly be photographing and then click or scroll down to find out.

“Walking in Shinjuku I saw a girl lying down. I went to take a look and she was taking pictures of a high school girl rummaging through the garbage pail. When I asked why they were shooting that, the girl said cheerfully ‘It’s our hobby!’ I was scared. There’s still a lot in this world I don’t understand. Lol”

[tweet align=center]

You really have to hand it to these girls first for choosing an excellent location. I’m not exactly sure what type of scene they were going for…maybe Sadako meets the Garbage Pail Kids, but the atmosphere of that alley is palpable.

Just from the twitter user’s behind the scene pictures I can almost smell the urine of the scores of drunken salarymen who have surely peed in that alley in the last week alone given Japan’s propensity for public urination.

This brings me to my next point of respect. The fact that those girls are willing to crawl around in that filth just to get the perfect photo is admirable…in an insane kind of way. Of all the shots they’re getting there, their hepatitis ones will probably end up being the most valuable.

Other online onlookers had this to say:

“It’s not a cat cosplay, but it’s still pretty good.”
“Homeless High.”
“That’s gotta be a dude in the picture.”
“My photography teacher said never lie down to get a low-angle shot.”
“Karaoke 747? I wonder if this is some metaphor for a plane crash of something?”
“Is this Japan? That looks like a developing country.”

It seems even some Japanese commenters were in disbelief that such filthy pockets of the nation exist with another person writing: “They must have put all that garbage there themselves. It’s fine to have a hobby, but I hope they clean up after themselves.”

However, that probably is an authentically disgusting alley which might explain why those women jumped at the chance to capture it in such a perfect moment of griminess. Luckily thanks to Karaoke 747 and modern technology we can find this location easily. If you’d like to book it for your own wedding photos or child’s first birthday party, here it is!

Source: Twitter via My Game News Flash (Japanese)
Images: Twitter (Edited by RocketNews24)