The latest in Sony Engineering’s product innovation line in inner-ear monitor (IEM) earphones has just been released with pre-sale advance orders available from April 29 at the Tokyo Hearing Care Centre in Aoyama.

The designers at Sony Engineering have developed “Just ear” earphones which are uniquely engineered and custom-built earphones designed for optimal sound quality to enhance the consumer’s listening experience. And they come with a price tag so high that you won’t believe your ears.

The XJE-MH1 is a custom-built earphone set that is tailor-made to an individual’s sound environment and sound quality preference to optimize the listening experience. This may be music to some people’s ears, but expect to drop about 300,000 yen (around US$2,500) for the privilege.

Branded with the tagline “premium sound to order”, the headphones play on the idea of tailor-made clothing. The Just ear earphones are designed to fit the ear and form of the buyer, tailored to their individual preferences offering listeners a unique customised sound experience.

earphones 1Via Kinisoku

At the time of ordering, your ear measurements will be collected, and upon delivery you’ll be fitted for the earpiece with touch-up adjustments. It’s just like being fitted for a hearing aid, a new suit or a bike. On top of the hefty price tag, a complete custom made-to-order purchase will require having your ear measured and outfitted, for which an additional 9,000 yen (US$70) is payable. The lack of loose change from the latest in earphone technology definitely won’t leave a ringing in your ears.

For the spec-conscious consumer, you’ll be pleased to know that the customised model XJE-MH1 is a dynamic 2-way hybrid type with Balanced Armature (BA). But given the exorbitant price tag, one may be better off using that money to buy live concert tickets to all your favourite bands for a more intimate music-listening experience.

The alternative ‘cheaper’ XJE-MH2 model will instead have three pre-set sound quality modes: monitor, listening, and club mode options, and will set you back around 200,000 yen ($1,700).

We’re sure Sony’s new earphones offer incredible comfort and tailored optimal sound quality, but we can’t help wondering if at the current price point, the Just ear is Just overpriced.

Source: AV Watch, h/t Kinisoku
References: vernalbrothers, Sony Engineering Corporation

Images via Kinisoku