We all know that Sailor Moon and her pals fight evil and monsters with their super powers and funky gadgets, but most importantly, in tiny flimsy sailor suit uniforms. In fact, many fans probably got into the series because of how cute the girls looked in their sailor suit inspired “battle gear”.

Well, they are the Sailor Senshi after all, so it’s only acceptable that they fight in sailor suits, but it wouldn’t hurt to bump up their defense stats a little with some protective gear, would it? If these armored Disney princesses were your cup of tea, you might like these armored Sailor Senshi as well! Check them out!

The girls from the Sailor Moon franchise wouldn’t be who they are if not for their cute and colorful sailor outfits. While we love them as they are, the logical wires in our brain can’t help but think that they could do with more sturdy outfits that would protect them during battle. I mean, most of them are teenaged school girls after all and they do engage in pretty tough battles from time to time.

Putting the girls in full-body heavy armor would be too far-fetched, so something that provides protection but retains the familiar flounce in their sailor suit skirts would probably seem ideal. Something like what these sassy cosplayers have created!

▼ Sailor Moon by Caroline Dawe Art & Cosplay


▼ Sailor Mercury by Gladzy Kei Art & Cosplay
(who also happens to be the brains behind the concept art for the armors!)


▼ Sailor Uranus by Holly Wolf


▼ Sailor Chibi Moon by Vivid Vision


▼ Sailor Saturn by Kristicles Art & Cosplay


▼ Sailor Pluto by Stella Chuu


▼ Sailor Neptune by Yousei Cosplay



IMG_0442_Randy Gee Photographee

▼ Behind the scenes

Surely logic doesn’t apply to superheroines, and for all we know the sailor suits that they wear could be made from some magical material that could shield them from laser beams and stuff, but these battle armor Sailor Senshi looked pretty awesome with their protective add-ons!

We could totally imagine these being part of the future plan, perhaps post-series when the girls have grown up, just like how game characters tend to get better gear when they level-up. Or maybe even as a brand-new series if the ever-popular anime decides to make another comeback a few years later with stronger, more powerful Sailor Senshi!

Thanks to Vicky Lau for the tip!

Images: Randy Gee Photographee, Vivid Vision