Advertising is a big part of any business. In order to sell your product, you have to make it look appealing to customers in order to tempt them into making a purchase, and thinking of new, creative ways to advertise your goods can get pretty tricky.

However, we’re quite torn over whether this Seaweed Mandiscovered at a grocery store in China – is a stroke of advertising genius, or just a creepy, half-assed attempt at it.

This mannequin was found the other day, lurking in the fresh fish department of a grocery store in China. From the back, it looks like it might be related to the creature from the black lagoon… Seaweed loin cloth, seaweed shawl-like top, and even a tangle-y mess of seaweed hair upon its head.


Things get even weirder (and smellier) upon closer inspection.


Seaweed Man has… a rather effeminate face.


Perhaps this was an idea that came to one of the store workers as a way to boost their seaweed sales (as various types of seaweeds are regularly consumed in parts of Asia). But no matter which way we look at it, we’re not sure how much Seaweed Man here would be able to drives sales up…


Thaaat’s alright, Seaweed Man, you can keep your clothes. I think I’ll go get my seaweed elsewhere.

Source and images: Narinari