How many of you are guilty of walking around outdoors with your eyes glued to your phone as you check your email and social networks? Playing games when you should be focusing in class? What about texting one-handed while driving? For all the positive advancements smartphones have brought to our society, it’s impossible to deny that they’ve also brought with them a slew of new problems.

Students at the China Central Academy of Fine Arts have created a short, satirical cartoon depicting modern society’s smartphone addiction. There is no dialogue, but the video voices its message very clearly.

The video is obviously an exaggeration, but at the same time it feels not so far from the truth. I live in a fairly populated area, and simply in walking to and from my train station each day I can’t even count the number of people I see with their heads bowed down as they stare at the phone in their hand, or how many people I have to dodge because they are too into whatever is on their screens to notice where they are going.

Traffic accidents caused by distracted drivers are also a very tragic reality.


Smartphones can be very beneficial in our daily lives, but it is also important to set limits and not let the world pass on by around us as we view it from a tiny screen in our hand!

Source: YouTube/Min Alxe via Kotaku Japan
GIF/Screenshots: YouTube/Min Alxe