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If you’re into sports cars, there’s a lot to like about Nissan’s R35 GT-R, such as its tremendous grip and ridiculous power. But if I’m being totally honest and picky, it’s a little large and heavy for my tastes, seeing as how it tips the scales at 1,740 kilograms (3,828 pounds). No matter how much torque the engine is making, there’s just something that feels good about a lightweight car, you know?

But this video shows there’s an easy way to solve that issues: Just crash your GT-R headfirst into a streetlamp at 170 kilometers (106 miles) an hour, and watch the excess weight and space disintegrate!

Andrey Yeshchenko may not be the biggest star in the soccer world, but things are going well enough for the Russian-born defender that he was picked up by Russian club FC Kuban with a contract that lets him afford to drive around in a shiny black GT-R. Or, more accurately, a contract that let him drive around in a black GT-R that used to be shiny.

Like most professional athletes, odds are Yeshchenko didn’t get where he is today by living life timidly, and in the video below even his driving style seems to exude a bold confidence as he barrels down a two-lane street…

…and right into a lamppost, at 120 kilometers an hour over the posted limit of 50.

Between its hefty curb weight and precision Japanese engineering and assembling, the GT-R is often described as having a substantial, solid feel on the road. It looks a little less solid after Yeshchenko strikes the concrete pillar though, which instantly turns the car’s front fascia, hood, and corner panel into a lumpy automotive powder.

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▼ I’d make a joke about how that’ll buff right out, but there’s not much left to buff.

GT 5

▼ You have to be going pretty fast to hit something from the front and have it completely shatter your rear window.

GT 4

Thankfully, the impact happened on the opposite side of the car from Yeshchenko’s position in the driver’s seat. The soccer player is said to have amazingly escaped with only minor injuries.

GT 6

The same can’t be said for the GT-R though, which is clearly totaled. Yeshchenko’s ride wasn’t the only non-organic casualty, either, as the impact also took out the pole.

GT 7

Drive safely, everyone. And remember, if you absolutely can’t stand heavy cars, there are easier ways to enjoy the lightweight sports experience than giving your ride the Yeshchenko tune-up.

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Top image: YouTube
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