Smoking is commonly seen as a vice, health hazard, and sometimes a dangerous weapon, and in the eyes of most non-smokers, smoking has virtually zero benefits — be it to the person smoking, the people around them, or, well, pretty much the entire universe.

However, if there was one thing related to smoking that smokers and non-smokers alike could enjoy, it would probably these tobacco art pieces made out of nothing but cigarettes!

I am a non-smoker who lives with a smoker, and to me, the smell of an ashtray with three days’ worth of cigarette butts in it reeks more than a month’s worth of unwashed laundry. If all the non-smokers in the world are on the same page as I am, then the inspiration to create art out of cigarette ash would probably come exclusively to smokers because I definitely wouldn’t want to work with cigarette ash for hours on end.

Created by Japanese Twitter user Shinrashinge (@shin___geki), these little ashy art pieces are said to take as long as two days to complete. The ashtray portraits he creates are made mostly out of cigarette ash, sometimes mixed with a pinch of tobacco leaves from the cigarettes to give it a pop of color.

▼ Shinrashinge played around with the remains of his puff for about two hours and Sanji came to life in his ashtray.

▼ He says that real people are much more difficult; Steve Jobs took about two days to create.

Apart from tobacco art, the creative 22-year-old also uses his artistic talents to recreate popular characters in the form of edible masterpieces such as fruit carvings and some absolutely adorable pieces of toast!

▼ A pear (Funassyi) in a pear! Pear-ception!

▼ Doraemon’s magical door teleports from plate to plate.

▼ We want that Pikachu pudding!

▼ And did we mention that he draws on his arm too?

Shinrashinge has revealed his intention to quit smoking in his posts, which probably means that we won’t get to see more of his tobacco-inspired creations if he does succeed in weaning off the cigs… which is a bit of a shame since he’s so good at it, but at least he’ll have healthier lungs. Maybe he could take up sand-art instead?

Besides, with that much talent and creativity, we’re pretty sure we’ll be seeing more amazing stuff from this young man, even without his trusty cigarettes. If you like his creations, follow him on Twitter or Instagram!

Source/Images: Twitter via Zhaizhai News