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It’s Golden Week in Japan! Aside from New Year’s, these precious vacation days at the end of April/beginning of May are the longest stretches of time in a row that most people get off from work. Unless, of course, you don’t get the time off work because you’re too busy. Then your Golden Week is typically spent crying to yourself at your desk and watching people have fun outside your window.

But not this year! Women all over Twitter have teamed up to create a hashtag devoted to cheering up men stuck in the office over Golden Week: #ShowLegToShowSupportForSalarymen. If you’re stuck at work too, then feel free to join the fun and take a look as well… just as long as no one’s watching the slightly NSFW tweets on your computer.

We’re not exactly sure how this trend got started, but we certainly can’t complain about the results. And the thousands of men stuck at work over the Golden Week holidays appreciate the #ShowLegToShowSupportForSalarymen hashtag (#TLに太ももを晒してサラリーマンに活力を与えよう in Japanese) even more.

Here’s a sampling of a few of the less-NSFW ones, though feel free to click on the hashtag and explore more if the boss isn’t looking:

▼ For some reason I suddenly feel like doing a whole lot more work.

▼ No thank you for all your hard work!

▼ A lot of cosplayers jumped on the hashtag bandwagon too.

▼ …and they decided they liked it on there and posted more.

▼ I’ve been telling the boss for years we should hire some maids.

▼ There’s nothing as refreshing as an after-work swim!

▼ And for those who are a fan of cat tails and green shoes with their legs of encouragement.

Of course there were a few people who seemed to misunderstand what the hashtag meant by “legs.”

▼ “My cat wants to encourage everyone working during Golden Week by showing off her legs!”

▼ “Now these are some mouth-watering legs!”

▼ I mean, they’re technically legs.

▼ “Am I helping out the salarymen too?”

The hashtag seems to be doing its job, based on the comments made by other Twitter users:

“I feel reenergized!”
“Thank you! Thank you! This is important so I’m saying it twice!”
“This made my train rode home from work a lot nicer.”
“Thanks for this! I’ll be checking in again at work tomorrow ;_;”
“Can I look even if I’m not at work? Because I already did.”

Unfortunately there doesn’t seem to a hashtag yet to cheer on all the hardworking women in Japan over Golden Week, something like #ShowPecksToPerkUpSalarywomen, but that doesn’t mean you can’t be the first! In the meantime though, if you’re a man-lover in need of some eye candy, we’ve got you covered.

Source: Twitter via Netlab
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