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Remember Nintendo 64 Kid? That tiny ball of energy that got so worked up about his Nintendo 64 Christmas present that his ecstatic reaction, so over-the-top that people actually thought he was possessed, became an Internet meme even though the footage was captured before Internet memes were really even a thing?

Well, Nintendo 64 Kid is all grown up and it looks like his meme fame has turned him into an overall cool dude who just gets excited about everything, even the disgusting “meat” of questionable provenance purveyed by Taco Bell.

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Taco Bell has recently expanded its business to Tokyo (again), so we figured this story is now officially connected to Asia. We’ve previously reported on Taco Bell’s new Shibuya location and its bizarrely half-assed approach to marketing in Japan.

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Back across the Pacific, though, Taco Bell is tapping at least one tired meme to promote its new Steak DoubleDilla, which is a mouthful to even just say and apparently features a double dose of steak meat even though in reality, as presented by this worryingly somber food review, it’s just the same steak quesadilla in a different wrapper. By the way, we went down the YouTube food review rabbit hole so you don’t have to; trust us, you should avoid it lest you come out the other side incredibly hungry and at least partially insane.

The whole hook of the new campaign is that Nintendo 64 Kid and his younger sister are all grown up now, but equally excited about the new Steak DoubleDilla as they were about their Nintendo 64 all those years ago. It’s cute and funny and it’s neat and makes you feel a little optimistic about the whole concept of Internet fame to see that a kid thrust into the limelight, probably against his will and maybe without his knowledge at the time, can grow up to become a normal adult and even make a little cash on the side without turning into a sex offender or whatever happens to most people turned into Internet memes.

That still doesn’t mean you should eat a Steak DoubleDilla, though.

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Source: My Game News Flash
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