If you’ve got any experience of the dating world, then you probably know how much it sucks when someone you like doesn’t like you back.

Generally, most people tend to give up at this point and move on, but when Mai-san the cockatoo first laid her beady eyes on handsome Ku-san the cat, she knew she had to make him notice her, even if it took years of hard work…

In this series of adorable videos, we see how plucky Mai-san gradually attempts to win over Ku-san’s heart through a campaign of poking, sidling, and adoring glances.

In the first video, Mai-san and Ku-san are new acquaintances. It’s obvious that Mai-san is completely batty (flappy?) about Ku-san. Observe as she gazes longingly at a reclining cat before inching a claw over to him. After a bit of light caressing, she goes in for the kiss, (and with plenty of tongue!) but cat Ku-san just isn’t feeling it…

One year later, and things have progressed to the point where Mai-san is allowed to caress Ku-san’s manly paws. Just look at the expression of utter joy on her feathery face as she fingers Ku-san’s fluffy feet.

Year two, and Mai-san’s been hard at work on a new trick to win Ku-san’s affection – she’s learning to say his name! Watch as Mai-san croaks and croons “Ku-chan!” in tones of adoration. Hmm, it seems Ku-san’s still not all that impressed, though, although he does deign to allow Mai-san to scratch his head.

Now, we’d love nothing more than to be able to tell you that this story has a happy ending, but unfortunately Mai-san is still deep in the friend-zone as of last month. In the latest video, she gazes at her darling Ku-san, but he ignores her completely before getting up and strolling away. If you look closely, you can actually pinpoint the exact moment her heart breaks in two.

Mai-san, girl, we know how you feel, but maybe it’s time to face the awkward truth – he’s just not that into you. We hope that Mai-san goes on to find true love someday.

Source: Karapaia – Livedoor
Main Image: Screenshot via YouTube – wakamanme