Smartphone addiction is a worldwide problem, with many of us unable to keep our eyes off our little magic boxes long enough to cross the street safely or make occasional eye contact with loved ones.

So what happens when your beloved pocket companion takes an accidental dip into your drink (or, heaven forbid, the toilet)? Well, before you start gnashing and wailing, you might want to try out Reviveaphone, the new “magic” product that claims to bring your electronic hand buddy back from silicone heaven…

In Japan, with the plethora of smartphone games available, the necessity of GPS to navigate those tricky streets, and the reliance on the instant-messaging app LINE for all social engagements, people here really can’t survive without their phones for longer than a few hours. Phone contracts in Japan are also tend to last for at least two years, so you’re going to want to protect that thing with your life. Having a fancy smartphone is also a status symbol, and those people with old-fashioned “gara-kei” flip phones are starting to die out (mostly of embarrassment). So having your smartphone give up the ghost on you is pretty much anyone’s worst nightmare.

Enter Revivaphone, which claims to bring back even the soggiest of drowned appliances back from a watery grave. Apparently, you simply insert your (switched-off) smartphone into the bag of magic (liquid!) stuff and wait seven minutes before removing it and leaving it to dry on the special “drying tray” for 24 hours. After the waiting period is up, your smartphone will be as good as new!

Here’s a video created by Revivaphone showing them buying the world’s first iPhone 6 and dropping it into a glass of beer, before bringing it back to life through the magic of their wonder-product!

Reviveaphone claims to treat the harmful minerals that can cause havoc with your phone’s inner circuitry. Hmm, it sounds a lot more plausible than stuffing it into a bag of rice or panic blow-drying it. We wonder if the magic stuff in Revivaphone might work for laptops and larger appliances, too?

Source: NetLabo
Main Image: YouTube – Reviveaphone