It’s no secret that Japanese women go crazy over cute, pretty, stylish things. And a lot of them like their men to be cute, pretty, and stylish, too. Take Usuke Devil, for example. He’s a model, DJ, and style icon who works at a boutique in Harajuku and drives girls wild with his lithe, androgynous beauty. Check out these pics and see for yourself!

Usuke Devil, who is active on both Twitter and Instagram, keeps fans up to date on his daily life through copious stylish selfies.

▼ Here he is hard at work as a semi-professional model:

▼ Check out those manicured nails!

▼  He also occasionally turns his hand to DJing, a popular sideline for Japan’s fashion icons (for some reason).

▼ Here he is posing with the cherry blossom!

▼ Looking pretty in pink

▼ Sleeping like a little fuzzy bunny

▼  Selfie with adorable animal? Check!

▼ He also fits a spot of international travel into his glamorous lifestyle.

▼ Are you in love with him yet?

Comments from Japanese netizens on Usuke Devil’s looks range from “He is sooooo beautiful” to “He could turn any man gay!” Hmm!

Unfortunately for Usuke Devil’s rabid legions of female (and male) fans, he apparently has a long-term girlfriend. We wonder if they share beauty supplies? Another great reason to snap up an androgynous boyfriend! What do you think of Usuke Devil’s look? Personally, this writer prefers guys who are a little rougher around the edges, but there can be no denying the power of Japan’s pretty boys to turn a girl’s head!

Source: Naver Matome
Main Image: Instagram – screamer29