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With recent fears that Japan might be due another sizeable earthquake in the coming months, it’s little wonder that people have been checking that their emergency kits are properly stocked, just in case. Even without these supposed warning signs of an upcoming disaster, in a country like Japan where earthquakes are common, it’s always a smart idea to be prepared and keep an emergency stock of food, water, and other necessities.

A flashlight and spare batteries are often recommended items to keep in an emergency kit, but what if you could have a light source that doesn’t even need batteries? That’s where the Mizupica comes in – a flashlight that can last up to a week on only a small amount of water.

The Mizupica (a combination of the Japanese words for water and glitter/sparkle) was introduced on Matsuko no Shiranai Sekai, a variety show hosted by famous Japanese TV personality Matsuko Deluxe.

Many people are now talking about this amazing little gadget, which requires nothing more than a little water to charge it up. When submerged in water, a chemical reaction takes place, allowing it to light up without using batteries!

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No need to worry about using precious drinking water either. The flashlight will also light up with tea, muddy water, or even ocean water.

…which leaves a lot of people with the question: Will urine work too?

We’ve yet to get an answer to that question, but if anyone out there is willing to give it a try, let us know what happens! I mean, we certainly don’t recommend it but, you know, if you do…

You can see this little light in action too!

You can purchase the Mizupika from Amazon Japan for only 1,058 yen (US$8.83).

Source: IT Sokuhou
Featured, insert images: YouTube (ukky4989)