At Niconico Chokaigi, the annual convention held near Tokyo last weekend, one cosplaying attendee was gaining more attention than most. This particular enthusiast’s glorious Hestia costume – with, of course, the magical blue ribbon we’ve heard so much about recently – has won its owner followers, fans, and the love and respect of Hestia fans everywhere. Kind of.

Ever since the TV adaptation of Danmachi (English title: ‘Is It Wrong to Try to Pick Up Girls in a Dungeon?’) launched earlier this month, fans have been sharing photos on Twitter of themselves trying out Hestia’s blue ribbon to see if it can make them as buxom as the anime character herself.

Cosplayer Cirno, who goes by the Twitter handle @cirno_29, got in on the fun at last week’s Chokaigi in Chiba:

▼ “I’m cosplaying Hestia today! Going for a walkabout now.”

Cirno celebrated her birthday as Hestia last week, too!

▼ “I turned 29 again!”

Not all of the online attention was entirely positive, though:

▼ “I saw this awful Hestia at Chokaigi.”


But we also discovered that Cirno is planning to release a cosplay DVD!

▼ “I’m making a photo and video CD-ROM for Comiket! It may be pointless, but I’ll try my best anyhow.”

Pointless? We think you mean “brilliant”!? Never change, Cirno. We love you just the way you are.

Source: cirno_29 via My Game News Flash
Featured image: Twitter/azunyan2521
Top image: YouTube