Excessive cleanliness has erupted on a garden path from the Bell Tower of Xi’an to a shopping district as 10 identical trash bins appeared on a single 50-meter (164ft) stretch.

This act of unusual urban planning has left residents such as one Ms. Wu to exclaim: “A trash can for every freakin’ bench! What luxury!”

As the photos show, each garbage container can be found about two paces from one another leading everyone to wonder why. Local media tracked down the sanitation official responsible for the area to ask that very question.

Rather than admitting to indulging in the irony of a wasteful use of waste receptacles, the official gave a rather sensible answer. They said that this particular area had a lot of pedestrian traffic and as such would require a lot of garbage cans to keep tidy.

They were no further comments reported by the official. This would suggest that, when asked why the bins all had to be in the same place, the official response was a blank stare.

This obvious hiccup in exterior decorating wasn’t lost on visitors, however. One tourist by the name of Yang pointed out that “if the trash cans had been reasonably placed, it would have looked better.” Meanwhile, somewhere inside Xi’an City Hall someone is yelling at their newspaper and calling Yang a Monday morning quarterback.

However, for those who study the photos carefully, it is painfully clear why these garbage cans are placed in this way.

Apparently the people of Xi’an drop garbage in a steady stream of tiny pellets, not unlike a Galaga ship. This can allow them to discard all of their garbage globoids and continue to their destination without stopping.

Crazy wasteful, or crazy wasteful like a Starfox? Pew pew pew.

Source:  Tencent News (Chinese), Livedoor News via Toychan (Japanese)