It’s only Tuesday, but we feel safe in declaring this week’s Internet champion already: Ryusei, the cutest Bruce Lee we’ve ever seen.

While Bruce Lee spawned many imitators both in life and after his death, Ryusei might be the only one we’re willing to accept as the new Bruce Lee. And we doubt many will argue!

Ryusei, the son of Ryuji Imai, has already gotten plenty of international attention. If you live in the United States, you may have even seen his viral video on the nightly news. And for good reason! This five-year-old can almost perfectly match Bruce Lee’s nunchaku skills in Game of Death move for move! 

▼ As close to perfect as you can get without being friggin’ Bruce Lee!

According to his father, Ryusei has been watching Bruce Lee movies since he was one, and he started practicing with nunchaku last year, picking up kicking and punching this year. It’s all the more impressive when you see how fluidly the kid can move!

▼ Skip to about 1:45 to see Ryusei practicing with his father.

Ryusei even appeared on a Korean TV show in April. Not only is the kid good at what he does, he’s also insanely adorable! You can see Ryusei’s TV appearance below, complete with another mini martial artist–a Korean kid who apparently loves Jackie Chan! After the two are introduced, a gang of four adults (stuntmen, we assume) appear and the two kids “beat them up.”

▼ If these two don’t have a TV show by August, the world really is doomed.

And if you think Ryusei is just playing around, you might be in for a bit of a surprise. Ryuji has posted some photos of his son practicing on a makiwara (a padded striking post).

And, according to this Facebook post, it looks like Ryusei is already going on two-kilometer (1.2-mile) jogs with his father. Which is about 1.9 kilometers more than we’re willing to jog right now!

We really hope this kid keeps practicing! In about ten years, he’ll probably be making the greatest action movies we’ve ever seen. Until then, keep an eye on his YouTube channel and Facebook page!

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Image: YouTube