For many of us, Mother’s Day is just around the corner. We’re sure you’ve already got a present picked out, but just in case you forgot, here’s a friendly reminder: Get your mother something nice to say thank you for wiping your butt when you were a baby!

Of course, we’re not the only ones getting ready to celebrate Mother’s Day. 7-Eleven Japan is also making the most of the holiday with their annual Mother’s Day art exhibitions. While most of the drawings are done by young children, some of them are impressive illustrations by much older artists…and others are just down-right hilarious!

While you may be tempted to bemoan the further corporate takeover of holidays, we have to say that 7-Eleven at least offers free chocolate! That’s right, participating stores accept illustrations of mothers, which are posted in local branches, and give participants some chocolate for sharing their art. Not a bad deal if you ask us! You can even get your illustration back afterwards.

While most of the drawing are done by young children, some adults participate as well, attracting the attention of Japanese Twitter users. First, here are a few from 2014.

▼ Bet you feel bad about all those crayon cards you made in elementary school now.

seveneleven (2)

▼ We have to say that we’re a bit skeptical that a six-year-old Satoshi drew this.

seveneleven (7)

▼ Is that your mother…or the Incredible Hulk?!

seveneleven (1)

▼ This Mother’s Day illustration was drawn by a 54-year-old.

▼ This Twitter user wrote: “Tatsuya’s mother is way too hot. I’m jealous!”
That’s just a liiittle bit creepy, dude!

You’ll notice in the 2014 tweet above that Tatsuya is 28. You may be wondering if the illustrator decided to enter again this year–and the answer is yes! Here is his 2015 take on his mother.

▼ Is it just us or did Tatsuya get a new mother?

Here are a few more illustrations that have circulated on Twitter this year.

▼ We can believe that a 13-year-old drew this, but
we can’t believe his mother still only looks 16 herself!

seveneleven (3)Twitter (@_neko_0316)

▼ This is a great illustration…but what 21-year-old’s mother
still wears a high school uniform?!

seveneleven (4)Twitter (@_neko_0316)

According to the Twitter user who tweeted the next two illustrations, these were drawn by him and his girlfriend so they could get some chocolate. For shame! 7-Eleven should sue them for taking advantage of this sacred holiday!

▼ They do have amazing hair though.

seveneleven (5)Twitter (@yuukasw03091228)

seveneleven (6)Twitter (@yuukasw03091228)

 ▼ We’re starting to think that 7-Eleven is pretty lax
on what counts as an illustrations of your mother…

▼ And here’s our final 2015 Mother’s Day portrait from 7-Eleven!
We’re sure your mother will love this, Eri!

While we’re not sure that everyone precisely understood the rules of the event, we do have to applaud the, um, zeal with which they approached it! Maybe some of them should consider a career in politics

Source: Hachima Kiko, 7-Eleven
Images: Twitter (@_neko_0316), Hachima Kiko