One of the things I love the most about Japan is how most people here seem to have a non-ironic, totally open and serious love of all things cute. Taking the mundane and making it adorable is basically a Japanese art in and of itself; even their packaging is full of hidden messages and cute sayings.

Now, Japan’s Twitter users have been cooing over parcel company Yamato Kuroneko’s cardboard boxes, which feature adorable marching kitties that are revealed as you open the box. Because why not?

Yamato Kuroneko (Japanese black cat) is Japan’s largest door-to-door delivery service and all of their vans feature their signature logo, which is a black mama cat carrying her baby in her mouth. The logo is instantly recognised all over Japan and symbolises the care that the company gives to all items entrusted to them for delivery.

▼ They even offer temperature-controlled delivery. Here’s one of their “cool delivery” vans.

Wikipedia – Tennen Gas

When you open one of their provided boxes, a line of marching kitties is revealed:

▲ “How cute – when you open a Yamato Kuroneko box a line of kitties becomes visible!”

▼ The novelty of the marching kitties makes opening a package even MORE exciting:

▲ “Yamato Kuroneko package. I was expecting a kitty design somewhere, but I wasn’t expecting them to be hidden under there!”

▲ “Yamato Kuroneko package. Kitties are marching. So cute!”

▼ The kitty that pops up on their official website is also all kinds of cute:

So, what’s the motivation behind all this cuteness? Well, it’s simply one of those unique things about Japan that are hard to explain. But one thing’s for sure: you’re bound to spot all kinds of adorable touches in unexpected places whenever you visit. Do you like extra cuteness in your daily life? Or do you prefer to keep things practical?

Source: NetLabo
Main Image: Twitter @doorknobsmz