, the age-guessing website from Microsoft, has been gaining huge amounts of attention online recently, with some people pleased by the app’s flattery, and others incensed by the suggestion that they might look a little more crumbly than they really are.

But the app also has a much creepier, darker side to it – it can (apparently) detect the faces of ghosts, and tell us what age they were when they passed on…

Here’s a selection of Japan’s Twitter users who decided to share the horrifying snaps How-Old reckons are just stuffed with ghosties (or else the face recognition software just needs some further fine-tuning…)

This one’s just packed full of spectres! Was this taken in a graveyard, or something?

Eeek, what’s that in the tree?!

Is there a ghost in the strap of that child’s backpack?!

While the age-guessing application has come under fire recently due to rumours that uploading photos to the website means allowing Microsoft to use the images for commercial purposes, we think the much bigger fear is that we might discover a couple of ghostly faces lurking behind us…

Main Image: Twitter @City_of_NewYork