We don’t spend much of our day on the toilet, but the overall cleanliness or ambience of the restroom makes those couple of minutes either pure bliss or complete torture. If you had a choice, obviously you would prefer to take a dump in a nice, cleanly environment, wouldn’t you?

To create the most conducive environment for one of life’s most important businesses, some decorate their restrooms with flowers, and some even leave a mini library of books and magazines in there. The Japan Unko Society, however, has a “painful” toilet fully decorated with anime-style characters!

We’ve seen many instances of vehicles painted with anime characters, commonly known as itasha (which literally translates to “painful car”), and plenty of other things decorated in the same fashion, such as snowboards, rooms and nails. But ita-toilets? That’s a first.

Before we even get into that, did you even know that Japan has a poop society? Unko means poo in Japanese, and the Japan Unko Society is on a mission to educate the population about all things poop-related, including the benefits of stool examination. It is said a multitude of health conditions, such as digestive problems and even colon cancer, can be identified through stool analysis. Just like any health checkups, taking the stool test regularly can be useful in detecting health changes and nipping any diseases in the bud before they complicate.

▼ A proud member of the Japan Unko Society.

Last week, at the Niconico Chokaigi, an annual convention organized by Japan’s largest video sharing website Niconico Douga, the Japan Unko Society graced their event booth with their glorious ita-toilet in an attempt to reach out to the crowds.

▼ It’s fully decorated, even on the inside!

They even provided free stool examination services at their booth to raise awareness towards the importance of checking your bowels. It’s hard to imagine anyone going to such an event with the intention of getting their feces tested, but having a toilet bowl sitting in the middle of your booth is probably quite the attraction if you ask us.

▼ Oh look, it’s our favorite retired highschooler, Sailor Suit Old Man!

▼ They also had a gigantic piece of poop that lights up.

▼ And their panel of guest speakers included this… golden poop fairy.

The characters featured on the decorated poop throne are original characters from their very own UnColle (Unko Collection), and are meant to be personified versions of bacteria that live in our intestines. Thank goodness they’re not poop people.

The characters sure look cute, but right now we don’t know what is weirder, bacteria girls, a toilet bowl decorated with bacteria girls, or the fact that a poop society exists to begin with.

Source: Twitter (@unkogakkai) via Zhaizhai News
Top image: Twitter (@sjyajya)