They say that an elephant never forgets, so we’re guessing that Sunny, the Asian Elephant who lives at Ishikawa Zoo, has gone through some sort of traumatic breakup in his past. A sign near his enclosure warns visitors that Sunny can’t stand happy couples and will fling grass, water, and snot at anyone he spots canoodling…

The sign was uploaded to Twitter by a tickled zoo visitor this Golden Week break. According to the Ishikawa Zoo’s website, Sunny is a 3-tonne Asian Elephant who, on hot days, can be found splashing around in his own private pool on Elephant Hill. The website makes no mention of Sunny’s peculiar vendetta against loved-up couples, but the sign spells it out pretty clearly:

Here’s a translation:

“To all couples

For some reason, Sunny likes to throw clumps of grass and shoot water (and sometimes snot) at couples, so please try not to provoke him. If you should find yourself a victim of this, please understand that Sunny is only jealous and try not to blame him too much. If you are not part of a couple and get stuff flung at you anyway, please understand that Sunny is a very odd elephant, and try not to blame him too much.”

Here’s a shot of Sunny in action, possibly in the act of charging down a couple whose PDA offends his delicate elephant sensibilities:

▼ “Couples make me sick!”

▼ “I’m watching you…”

We wonder what happened in Sunny’s past to make him hate couples so much. Maybe he was very attached to a female zoo keeper and took offence when she got a boyfriend? We’ll probably never know, but we’re crossing Ishikawa Zoo’s Elephant Hill off our list of potential date spots!

Source: Jin115
Main Image: Twitter @takotaya