bakakkoi 07

Have you ever done something stupid then been surprised when it actually worked? Like tossing a screwed-up ball of paper over your shoulder and actually getting it into the trash can, or throwing your hat in the air and catching it perfectly on your head? Well there’s a word for that in Japanese: bakakkoii, a contraction of baka (stupid) and kakkoii (cool).

And it didn’t take long for someone to take bakakkoii to the next level. Kanna Hashimoto, member of the idol group Rev. From DVL, stars in a cup noodle commercial where she helps perform a bunch of bakakkoii tricks. Some of them are quite impressive, which they should be considering it took over 600 takes to actually get them done correctly.

Watch the video and feel oddly satisfied after the jump!

You may remember Kanna Hashimoto from her leap to fame in late 2013 as part of Fukuoka Prefecture’s idol group Rev. From DVL. She continues to basically be the only reason people are interested in the group, and she’s been branching out by doing work in other media.

Her latest commercial appearance has her star in a commercial for Nissin cup noodles, which may not sound very interesting at first, but it’s nothing a few impressive examples of bakakkoii can’t fix up.

Watch the full thing here, and remember, the bakkakoii scenes took over 600 takes to get perfect.

▼ We start off with a teacher outside yelling “you’re late!” This is the impetus for the students to do everything they can as quickly as possible, even if it only has a 1/600 chance of succeeding.

bakakkoi 01

▼ The first bakakkoii trick: the most ridiculous way of three people working together to put away your shoes that you’ve ever seen.

bakakkoi 02

▼ The second bakakkoii trick Gomino (a combination of gomi “trash” and dominoes) may not look super impressive right away, but when you imagine all the takes they must’ve gone through when the bottles didn’t go in, then the boy’s facial expression starts to make more sense.

bakakkoi 03

▼ Just… just ignore that thing coming down the stairs.

bakakkoi 09

▼ The third bakakkoii trick is the most in efficient way of sending a “text” message asking someone if they want to eat lunch together that I’ve ever seen.

bakakkoi 04

▼ The next trick has her throwing something into a pencil case in pretty much the least-hope-for-success way you could possibly imagine.

bakakkoi 05

▼ And now for the bakakkoii trick that probably took at least 500 of the 600 takes: flipping three forks into three ramen cups at the same time.

bakakkoi 06

▼ That look of sheer joy only means one thing: “Yes! I never have to do this again!”

bakakkoi 07

▼ Then we get to the actual commercial part: “Nissin cup noodles are just as satisfying as succeeding at something bakakkoii.”
…well, I’m sold!

bakakkoi 10

▼ And a final (and incredibly impressive) bakakkoii trick of throwing things into a moving bag to finish up, with a nice Arnie pun to round things out.

bakakkoi 08

Considering I can’t even remember that last time I did anything 600 times, I’m impressed by the dedication of Kanna and the rest of the production staff to see this through to the end. I wonder if they had some other tricks that they wanted to do, but couldn’t simply because they were proving to be actually impossible.

If you’ve suddenly found yourself becoming a fan of bakakkoii, then you may want to check out the YouTube channel recs7hi. Their videos of a bunch of school kids doing bakakkoii things is credited with started the fad. The production value may not be as high, but their hearts are just as stupid-cool as Kanna’s.

Source: YouTube (Nissin) via Mynavi
Images: YouTube (Nissin)