On 23 March, reports came out of a large fire that had broken out near the demilitarized zone between North and South Korea. The south is claimed that the fire originated in the north and blew over to their side.

The blaze was dealt with on South Korea’s side, but a month later, according to images released by NASA, it appears that now a good chunk of North Korea’s eastern coast is becoming engulfed in flames as well.

It’s not clear if there is any connection between the fires especially since they are about a month apart and on opposite sides of the peninsula. Still, these new fires seem to be scattered all along the northeastern coast of North Korea according to these images posted by NASA on 27 April.

Usually during this season farmers will gather up and burn off excess leaves, stems, etc. from the previous year. These can sometimes show up on satellite images as a large fire. However, due to the location of the fires in wooded areas and the amount of smoke they are generating, they appear to be forest fires. It’s likely that the fires started from one of these annual bonfires that got out of control.

The fires seem to be affecting an area of about 100 square kilometers (39 square miles). Smoke has been gathering in center of the Sea of Japan and some of it has already touched land in the Tohoku area.

Actually, this appears to happen regularly in North Korea. NASA had taken a similar photo around the same time last year when wildfires broke out to the south of the current location. In fact, NASA has a pretty impressive collection of North Korean wildfires on their website.

With little information coming out of North Korea as usual we can only hope that people are out of harm’s way and they have the wherewithal to deal with such a disaster. Unfortunately we probably wont get word until the media there can Photoshop Kim Jong-un onto the scene and checking things out.

Oh wait! This just in: Kim Jong-un has been spotted escorting young deer to safety with the aid of his magical ice aura.

Source: NASA (English) via Yahoo! Japan via Hachima Kiko (Japanese)
2014 Image: NASA
Bottom Image: Wikipedia – John McColganNews 163 (Edited by RocketNews24)