Skiing Samurai1

Every ski season in Japan brings with it an army of skiers and snowboarders keen to make tracks in fresh, world-class powder snow. But how can you make your mark when you’re surrounded by hundreds of people decked out in ordinary ski jackets and snow goggles?

One keen warrior-loving skier found a solution to this problem by donning some heavy samurai armour on the slopes. And just to make sure he had everyone’s attention, he decided to forgo the ski poles for a long, single-edged sword known as a katana.

The man behind the battle mask is Shogo Kawano. An experienced skier, Kawano wore this outfit during an all-Japan mountain ski race. No mean feat, given that the armour weighs a hefty 25 kilograms (55 pounds).


▼ While ski poles are great functionally, they don’t have much zing when paired with fearsome-looking battle armour

On top of the world

▼ Now that’s more like it! Nothing says “Get outta the waaay!!!!!” like a glistening sword travelling at top speed

Outta the way

▼ Although one needs to consider the frightening possibility of accidental seppuku while hurtling down the mountain

Skiing Samurai2

▼ While it’s not out on the slopes, the armour sits at home, waiting for its next skiing holiday with its master

Samurai Suit
▼ Looking like something that’s time-travelled from Japan’s feudal era into our present-day, Kawano joins the climb with other skiers.


With summer creeping upon us, we’ll have to wait until next ski season to see if our samurai warrior will be returning to cut the powder. One thing’s for sure, though – if he’s out there in a crowd of skiers we’ll be sure to find him!

Source: Facebook (Shogo Kawano) via Kotaku US
Images: Facebook (Shogo Kawano himetubaki0000