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Judged by certain objective measures, Taylor Swift has a better life than I do. She’s richer and more musically talented than I’ll ever be, and I’m pretty sure that if we were both in the hospital and in need of a kidney transplant, the lineup of willing donors for her would be far longer than the one for me.

But there’s one thing in life that strips away all the advantages conveyed on a person through wealth, fame, and popularity. I speak, of course, of the great equalizer: the challenge of eating a really hot shrimp with chopsticks.

The 25-year-old songstress arrived in Japan this week, ostensibly to kick off her world tour with a concert in Tokyo on May 5. Personally, we think it’s alluringly demure how she’s disguised what’s no doubt the real reason for her trip to Japan, which is of course the chance to rub elbows on the packed commuter trains with the RocketNews24 staff. The general public also seems to have no problem with her coquettish duplicity, as they came out in force to greet her.


Much like fellow foodies Keanu Reeves and Drew Barrymore, Swift took time to enjoy some of Tokyo’s world-famous cuisine, and even made the effort to eat like the locals do by using chopsticks. It’s not just the utensils that separate Japanese restaurants from American ones, however. A unique quirk of dining in Japan is that food is customarily served the moment it’s done cooking, which means it’s incredibly hot.

That searing heat is the reason for all the slurping that goes on when eating Japanese noodles the traditional way. However, you can’t just inhale a whole shrimp, which is what Swift is dining on in this video posted to her Instagram account. You first have to remove the shell, but if the shrimp was just taken out of the pan seconds ago, and all you’ve got is a pair of chopsticks to get the job done, it’s a tricky maneuver, and it has the potential to become a painful one if you give up halfway through and just grab the morsel with your fingers.


▼ The video cuts out shortly after this, so we’ll never know if Kanye West then stomped into the restaurant, pouting and shouting, “I’mma let you finish your meal, but that shrimp should have burned Beyonce!”

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Luckily, Swift is a singer and not a hand model, so we doubt the scorched fingertips will negatively impact any of her upcoming performances. And as tasty as that shrimp looks, we’re betting the momentary pain was worth it.

We hope you enjoyed your meal, Taylor, and if you happen to be reading, our standing offer to A-list celebrities, tell us about your impression of Japan and we’ll buy you a bowl of ramen, is still on the table.

Source: The Huffington Post Japan
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