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It’s no exaggeration to sat that Japan is the plastic model capital of the world. There’s a tiny decorative version of pretty much anything you can imagine, from Gundam figures covered in actual moss to build-your-own gyoza.

To celebrate their love of all things models, Amazing Japan Model Expo 2015 invited model-crafters and sculptors from all over Japan to show off their goods built from a variety of materials, not just plastic. “Amazing Japan Model Expo” may be a bit of a silly name, but once you take a look at some of the incredible detail in these models, you’ll see that they easily lived up to the “amazing” part of the promise.

These past few days may mark just the first Amazing Japan Model Expo to ever take place in Osaka, but plans are already being made for another one in 2016. Taking a look at some of the great pieces to come out of the 2015 one, it’s not hard to see why:

▼ The detail in this creepy ghost Totoro is just stunning, making it a fan favorite online.

▼ This big-nosed Japanese mythological tengu looks like it’s peering deep into your soul.

▼ Not all the models were small. These robots were human-sized and the one on the right is sporting a familiar ribbon.

▼ Yup, these ships look like they could just take off at any moment…

▼ …and dock inside this adorable little Death Star.

▼ Here are some horrifyingly lifelike Baltan Aliens, the monsters/pub managers from Ultraman.

▼ And a, uh, thing with udders

▼ I think we’re in the weird/creepy part of the exhibition…and that’s just fine!

▼ A wire-frame Evangelion in fighting stance

▼ Hopefully the Eva isn’t about to fight these cute little guys.

▼ This space-dog dude looks like he’d be right at home piloting an Arwing with Star Fox and friends.

▼ Oh, that’s right. This is an expo where you can also buy stuff, not just drool over how cool everything looks.

▼ A build-your-own Basset Hound kit. Because why not?

▼ And of course some obligatory big-headed moe models

▼ This model of the Robot Soldier from Ghibli’s Castle in the Sky Laputa may not look like much at first…

▼ …but he’s actually even bigger than his creator. Seems like he skipped the whole “model” concept and went right to creating the real thing.

Phew! And that’s just a sampling of the models that were at the expo. If you’d like to see more, then check out the Amazing Model Expo Twitter hashtag here, or book your tickets for next year at their website.

Source: Kinisoku
Featured/top image: Twitter (1, 2) (Edited by RocketNews24)