Online gaming addiction is becoming a serious problem in China, with multiple reported cases of people collapsing and even going a little bit off the deep end after spending days at a time online at internet cafes.

Recently, a man collapsed after spending a shocking 14 days playing an online game – but when an ambulance was called for him, he is reported to have begged the medics to let him keep on playing just a little while longer…

In Hefei, the largest city in the Anhui province of China, a man was reportedly taken to hospital following a 14-day online gaming marathon session. Onlookers reported that the man apparently chain-smoked while gaming, and didn’t seem to eat anything during the 14 days he spent glued to the computer screen in an internet cafe in the city.

On the fourteenth day, the man reportedly rose from his seat at around 7pm and made his way outside, presumably to find food. Concerned staff followed, only to discover him collapsed in the street.

▼ You know you might have a problem when you’re the last one left in the net cafe…

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The staff immediately called an ambulance for the man, who is reported to have told the paramedics when they arrived: “Leave me alone. Just put me back in my chair. I want to keep on gaming.”

Obviously, they ignored the man’s request and whisked him off to hospital, where he is said to be recovering, but we wonder why the internet cafe staff allowed him to keep on playing for 14 days in a row despite admitting that they were “concerned” about him.

Japan’s netizens reacted to the story with plenty of scorn, though online gaming addiction is a problem in Japan as well:

“Nothing better to do?”

“Why didn’t he take any food with him? You can’t eat in Chinese net cafes?”

“Wow, that’s dedication. I get sick of games easily.”

“Know when to quit!”

“Don’t go to an internet cafe, it costs money. Just game at home like a smart person.”

Have you ever gotten addicted to a video game? Should staff intervene in clear cases of gaming addiction like this, or is it up to the individual how much time he or she spends playing video games?

Source: Golden Times
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