What most people see as garbage, one man sees as the potential to make something amazing. Most of us just throw out our candy wrappers and boxes, but Japanese Twitter user @d_asuka saves them to make intricately detailed transforming figures that will blow your mind.

D_asuka saw these traditional yellow Morinaga milk caramel boxes and felt inspired to make them into a fully functional transforming Golden Lightan, from the 1980s animated series Golden Warrior Gold Lightan.

Understandably, people took notice when he posted photos and videos of his works to Twitter, bringing him all sorts of praise.




He’s even uploaded a video to YouTube, where you can watch the mind-boggling detail that went into this project, and even see it transform!

This next project he featured is a lot more intricate, has a few more transformation modes, and took a lot longer to make. While the caramel box character took about one month to make, this character, Daikyojin, and his horse, Daitenma, took around six whole months!



▼Anyone care to decipher this madness?



▼All of the leftover boxes.


Daikyojin and his horse can transform into three different modes. Take a look at them in action!

Pretty impressive stuff.

Source and images: Twitter @d_asuka via irorio