World No Tobacco Day is coming up again this 31 May. This is a day when smokers all around the world are encouraged to abstain from smoking, and it’s a day when smokers everywhere ignore said encouragement.

Personally, I plan to celebrate it by not taking up smoking on that day. It’ll be a challenge but I think I can pull it off. Others, however, are taking a more proactive approach to this event such as Sebes from Merlion TV in Singapore.

In honor of the holiday he has gone out and pulled “pranks” on unsuspecting smokers around the city-state. I would assume all of these pranks legally classify as assault, but then again I’m no Singaporean law expert… Let’s watch!

First we see young Sebes approach a man sitting and smoking on a bench. After a greeting of “Good afternoon, sir,” Sebes shouts “Stop the puff!” and totally splashes some water in the guy’s face.

BWAHAAHAHA! Get it? “Puff” is like what you do on a cigarette and Sebes went and stopped it…with water! HAHAHA! It works on so many levels! That random guy was all like “Grr” and Sebes was totally like “see you later” as he flashed some kind of weird hand gesture and ran away.

But we’re just getting started! Next Sebes-dog (that’s what I like to call him) goes up to a young woman about to smoke on a piece of spherical modern art. Then he puts his arm around her calls her a “bitch” and…

BLAAAP! GWAHAHA! Sebes-dog totally violated her personal space yo! Serves her right for not stopping the puff 27 days before World No Tobacco Day.

Next up, S-dog finds a guy walking by the pool while smoking a cigarette…which I’ve never actually seen anyone do…ever. Come to think of it, isn’t Singapore supposed to be especially strict about stuff like that?

Also, how did Sebes-dog 3000 know a guy would be walking by a swimming pool smoking a cigarette at that particular moment enough in advance to set up a hidden camera and his own Gopro?

Eh whatever, S-dog 3000 is probably just that good. This time he – hehe, get this – he kicks the dude right into the swimming pool! WORD! S-dog 3000 was all like “This is Sparta!” and knocked him right into the water with his cigarette which would then leak its filthy chemicals into the swimming water. Priceless.

Sure we can see a family with little kids swimming nearby, but pfft, they’re probably all dirty filthy smokers too. Serves them right: STOP THE PUFF!

S-dog 3k in his final prank sneaks up on a guy and dumps a bucket of ice water over his head! Hahaahaha…mm. Actually, this one wasn’t as good. Old S-dog is usually on point but he probably should have stopped after the pool one. That one was his Citizen Kane of random acts of violence.

Public reaction to the Merlion TV video was widely mixed.

“Anyone sent this video to the police yet?”
“You’re an asshole, basically.”
“What if the poor fellow you pushed into the pool had his wallet and phone in his pocket?”
“Acting like an asshole to spread a good message doesn’t make you a saint.”
“Powerrr la, this kind of daring people, i LIKE!”

One YouTube commenter also happened to find a photo of Sebes puffing on a cigarette in his Instagram account. Clearly what happened is the tobacco companies got nervous about the Merlion TV anti-smoking campaign and its influence on the world, so they kidnapped S-dog 3k and drugged him. While unconscious, they took a compromising shot of him smoking and then hacked into his Instagram account where they posted the photo along with a witty comment that we would all assume Sebes had typed himself.

Once Sebes was alerted to this by the kind YouTube user he immediately deleted it from his account. However, the YouTuber took a screenshot and saved it so we may all know the trickery that big tobacco is capable of.

Image: Photobucket

Anyway, at the end of the video he reminds us that there was a higher-purpose to all this destruction of property and occasional battery and that purpose is World No Tobacco Day…heavy yo. Sebes (I call him “Sebes” again when he gets serious) points out that cigarettes have killed over a hundred million people in Singapore.

That truly is a devastating statistic. Considering the population of Singapore is only around five and a half million, according to Sebes cigarettes have wiped out the entire nation at least 20 times over which would include everyone who has ever lived and is currently “living” in Singapore. I suppose he could have been talking about the world population, but then that number would seem kind of low.

So in case you feel bad about all of the victims in this video, worry not. They’re probably actually ghosts who are already dead: all from cigarettes. They just don’t know it yet. And if you are in Singapore right now, guess what? So are you.

Happy World No Tobacco Day!

Source: YouTube – Merlion TV via Stomp
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